financial profile

Check the offered answer that best describes you. Each answer is assigned a risk score and your overall risk profile will be calibrated based on the risk scores. Don't over think it. Use your instincts!

    • * How long have you been investing?
    • Never

    • 1-2 years

    • 3-10 years

    • * Do you have an investment account?
    • Never had one.

    • Yes, a self-directed cash/margin account.

    • Yes, managed account(s) with my broker.

    • * What type of account are you interested of opening?
    • RSP

    • Margin

    • TFSA

    • * Do you have a financial planner?
    • Never had one.

    • I used to have one but not anymore.

    • Yes, I have a financial planner.

    • * What do you want to achieve for your investment goal?
    • Just curious.

    • To save!

    • To invest!

    • * If the market drops 10% in a month, what would you do?
    • Do nothing.

    • Sell some or all of my account.

    • Buy more for my account.

    • * Have you bought any stocks or ETFs yourself before?
    • No, never.

    • Yes, I bought ETFs and large-cap stocks myself.

    • I bought penny and small-cap stocks for myself.

    • * Do you have life insurance or disability insurance?
    • No, I don't have any insurance policy?

    • Yes I have insurance policies for myself and my family.

    • No, I don't need any insurance policy.

    • * Did you buy crypto-currencies before?
    • No but I am might in the near future.

    • Yes I bought/have some for myself.

    • What's that?

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