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Price Risks

Price Risk helps investors understand portfolio risks. Investors should always understand that historical performances do not reflect future results.


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Descriptions of quantitative measure and risk management structure we use for our PM engine. Here we explain the science behind our PM engine.


We provide multi level services package from low level raw data to high level customized model portfolios and algo builder for investment funds.


In order to set up model portfolios, client accounts or model reports, you must subscribe under the portfolio maanger class.

Once you set up a model portfolio, you can create houshold accounts and client accounts. Each client account allows you to tag one model portfolio. If you would like more than one model for one client account, you will have to set up a second client account with the same details and assign another model to newly created client account.

You need household accounts to create model report.

YOu can create pretrade strategy by backtesting & optimizing.


Once you enter a stock in your portfolio, you can press the analyze button and you will see the Graham value score is given, among other statistics.

Intrinsic value is a term used by value investors to understand the underlying value of a stock. There are different measures and different approaches to determine the intrinsic value. We use free cash flow model to determine the intrinsic value. In order to obtain the intrinsic value, you must have hedge fund class.


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Data Sources

Data returns might be different across platform because of the datasource. We pull data from the free and premium sources and and we measure returns to 6 decimals if available. Over a long period of time, the return figures might be different from one platform to another as a result of daily compounding.

We retreive our data from Quandl, Historical EOD, Bar Chart, Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, and other data providers.

Yes, we can set up an API for you at a cost.

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